What the heck is a Tricotyledon?

As I was checking on my tomato and zucchini seedlings tonight, I came across something very odd. Once a seed germinates, generally it will produce a seedling with two seed leaves. These leaves help start the photosynthesis of the plant and allows it to turn from a seedling into a real plant.

Tomato Tricotyledon

After checking my zucchini, I scanned over the tomato starter pots and noticed that 1 out of almost 30 plants had 3 leaves, making it a tricoyledon! A quick search online and I found different stories ranging from 50% more yield to 1/3 more to no yield at all. Also found that if it were productive, then the seeds were less likely to be any good for a next round of germination. Not much information was found on whether or not cloning would work.

Here’s what I planned to do: I am going to continue to allow my tomato tricot to grow from seedling into a mature plant. Once it gets time to transplant from indoor to outdoor, I will separate from others and do some comparisons. I would definitely love for this thing to produce more than the others, however it will be interesting to see, if any, the differences.


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