UPDATE: Day 30 Homestead Tomato Tricotyledon

It has been a full 30 days since I started my Homestead Tomato seeds and it’s time to get a quick update on the happenings of the “Three-Leafed” guy!  On my previous post, I showed that out of about 30 plants, I had one seedling that decided to have three seed leaves instead of the ordinary two leaves.


Over the weekend, I decided to go ahead and thin the seedlings out, mainly because they were getting way too crowded for my liking.  Good thing I did because the roots started to intertwine with each of the plants like something fierce.  When I thinned these seedlings, I basically divided the plants into sets of three.  One set I went ahead and planted outside in a raised box.  One set I kept in the seed starting pots and still inside.  And the last set, that included the Tricot, I put into clay pots using the outside soil, but brought it inside.  Again, another experiment to see which will out perform each other.

HomesteadTomatoTricotyledonDay30-2I will go ahead and say that I really didn’t notice much progression from my first post to the thinning stage of the Tricot tomato while some of the other seedlings were advancing.  However, since I have thinned the seedlings we are starting to see the formation of the actual leaves take place.  Hopefully, it will catch up and surpass the other plants in the days to come!


2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Day 30 Homestead Tomato Tricotyledon

  1. One might assume, with an entire extra leaf for photosynthesis, that the “odd” one would grow faster than the “normal.” Be interested to see further follow-ups. THanks for doing this experiment for the rest of us.

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    1. That was my thoughts also! Since thinning out the seedlings, it has progressed quite a bit, so hopefully that was the issue. And it’s totally my pleasure!


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