REVIEW: Kobalt 40-Volt Lithium Ion Battery Powered Chainsaw

Kobalt 40 Volt Lithium Ion Battery Powered Chainsaw

During the last wind storm here in East Tennessee, we had a red bud tree fall next to our shed. It was way too big to chop with an axe, so I talked my wife Jamie into getting a chainsaw. I wanted to go with a battery powered type since mixing gas and oil is a pain and plus I’d have to buy another jug to store it. Luckily, they make the same brand that accepts the same battery as my weed eater that can just about rival a professional model. I was a little skeptical, but read the reviews and we decided to purchase the Kobalt 40-Volt Lithium Ion Battery Powered Chainsaw from a Lowe’s in Knoxville.

We got it home and let the battery fully charge before we started working outside. Afterwards, we took it outside and threw it through the gauntlet! It sliced through our logs with ease. I was shocked. The logs were about 10″ in diameter and the saw made quick work of it. Then we decided to chop a tree that had fell last year in a bushy area. Again, no problem. The battery lasted for about an hour’s worth of chopping, pile up, chopping and pile up. All in all, we chopped up 3 trees, and 4 large branches (small trees) off of two batteries. The battery only takes an hour to recharge fully, but I used my weed eater battery to continue working.

This model is only 12″ long, so I understand I’m not making a trip to Oregon to become a lumberjack with it. However, for my yard, it’s perfect!

My overall review: 5

Have you ever used any battery powered outdoor equipment?  What was your experience like?  What were some of the positives and negatives you found?  Drop me a comment below!


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