This Has Been A Productive Weekend For Outside!

First off, I’m just going to go ahead and lay this out there- I am beat.  This weekend has been a very productive weekend our piece of the outdoors.  Combined with last weekend, we have gotten quite a few things completed.  If this type of work continues throughout the summer, one of two things will happen: We will have the best looking yard in the neighborhood, or, I will be dead.

We have about an acre and a half of land.  Our home sits in the middle of three lots.  The lower and upper lots are dotted with trees here and there, but nothing thick at all.  The best way I describe it is “park-like”.  Trying to keep up with the maintenance is hard, especially when you only have the weekends to do any work outside.  Being that we just snapped out of winter and into spring, our yard looked horrendous.  Fallen limbs and branches everywhere.  The grass and weeds was creeping up to our knees.

Thankfully, with the help of my wife, we made some major progress.  We burned about 10 trailer loads of limbs, got all the yard mowed, and even got it weed-eated (which takes longer than mowing on our yard).  After I finished the yard work this morning, I looked over at the garden and it was calling for me to come spend some time with it.

Red Mulch With Pallet Raised Garden Beds

I got three more raised beds built for the spinach, basil/cilantro, and carrots.  According to my plans, I have about three more boxes to build to complete my garden for this year, which is a huge plus!  But, before I placed the raised boxes in place, I knew the garden needed something else.  I needed a real walk-way.  Thankfully, the place down the road had a deal on mulch- $2.00 a bag.

All in all, I think it’s going to turn out pretty nice looking!  Be sure to keep an eye out on my blog throughout the week.  Over the weekend, I’ve gotten a lot of things to write about and they are sure to make for enjoyable reads!