EXPERIMENT: Staggering Potato Harvest Times

About a month or so ago, I purchased some seed potatoes from the local big box hardware store.  I got two varieties, Yukon Gold and Red Norland potatoes.  I wanted these thinking we would make some awesome smashed potatoes as well as potato salad with the Reds and we use the Golds as our multipurpose, go to potato for any dish that needs a starch.  After a month of keeping the seeds in a low-light area, they eyes are going crazy on these things!

Each seed potato package contains 10 ‘seeds’ so that gives me 20 plants total.  Last year I planted all of my plants at one time.  They all grew wonderful in the natural dirt here in East Tennessee, but I was left with a minor issue- I didn’t account for their harvest times being the same time.  So, I was left with a bunch of potatoes at harvest time.  This year I am trying something different.

You remember that free and simply made raised garden bed I built using pallets?  In case you missed it, here’s the link to my DIY video on how to build it.  Well, I threw some weed block fabric in bottom and then placed a layer of dead leaves on top of the fabric.  I’ve read somewhere online that this can help with drainage and can also help with replenishing nutrients to the soil.  Next, I filled it about a 1/4 of the way full with top soil and placed two of the Reds and two of the Golds under about 2 inches of the soil.

So, that leaves me with 16 potatoes left to plant.  My thinking is that we go through about a 5lb bag of potatoes a week.  If I stagger their starting times by about a week and half to two weeks, we should be able to continually harvest for about 8-10 weeks without having a surplus.  It will definitely be a fun experiment as we count down the days to harvest.  I’ll also be trying different methods in my planting, maybe using a five gallon bucket, direct ground, etc.

I’ll keep you all posted!  Thanks for visiting our humble abode on the web!